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There will be a statue on the path; use the Fist of Ruin to break it.Continue along the path and use the long jump ability to cross the gap and get the Koin to unlock Baraka in Versus mode.Run to the right and jump to reach a new platform with a boulder blocking your way.

Alternately, successfully complete the game with Liu Kang to unlock Scorpion in Single Player and Co-Op mode.To unlock Scorpion in Versus mode, in the Foundry area, follow the pathway downstairs to the left of the save point. Throw one at the wall to the left of the doorway to break it open, giving you access to a hidden room full of lava and a Ying Yang on a ledge.Grab one of the archers and throw him into the lava.Then, double jump off his back to get the Ying Yang that unlocks Scorpion in Versus mode.Play as Sub-Zero At the main menu, hold L2 then press Square, Down, Up, L1(2), Up, Square to unlock Sub-Zero in Single Player, Co-Op, and Versus modes.

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Play as Johnny Cage Get to the area in the Wu-Shi Academy where everything is burning.