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The film ends with Chrysagon and Bors riding to meet the duke of Ghent in an attempt to fix things with his lord.

The Good Heston was the driving force behind this picture, having optioned the script of a play, and it was a small enough project that he was able to exercise considerable artistic control over the film.

Chrysagon is not referred to as ‘Sir Chrysagon’, perhaps because it would seem too Arthurian. The clothing and armor worn by the Norman knights is all reasonably accurate to the 11 century (long tunics, chainmail hauberks, open-faced Norman helmets, kite shields).

His lord, the Duke of Ghent (historically actually the Count of Flanders), has sent him to hold a small tower somewhere near the coast, by a small village. It’s not a well-known film, and while it has some serious problems from a historical standpoint, it is in many ways a better film about the Middle Ages than much of what Hollywood has released since then (other than century. Schaffner), a surprisingly gritty little medieval drama.The village headman, Odins (Niall Mc Ginnis) asks permission for his son, Marc (James Farentino), to marry his foster daughter, Bronwyn (Rosemary Forsyth).Chysagon gives permission, but immediately regrets the choice, because he has become infatuated with Bronwyn.

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Most of the knights, particularly Draco, show contempt for the peasants, and the peasants consistently demonstrate an understanding of their social inferiority and need to show deference to the knights.

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