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But on top of that, why not try going to bed on an argument while wearing a very greasy face cream, a bath cap and, perhaps, a small joke moustache. As the baby-raising guru prepares to sue her many critics, a fascinating insight into her childhood ...

Unless, that is, you wish to tell her how she has ruined your life. LM: How can I get away without ever having to do any washing up ever, acrylic nails are very expensive? The introductory course is Introduction To Household Tasks I: The Washing up. For: Short of upgrading my partner for a different model, is there any easy way to introduce him to the novelty of housework? Doesn't he know that if you do listen to his needs, you'll only ignore them. If all else fails, just say: 'I love you very much darling, but you must get over yourself. Please sign up without delay as these courses are very popular. Helen: The old headache excuse isn't working, any suggestions Deborah? Jaz: How can I ship him indoors out, so that I can enjoy a night by myself with my best friend Blossom Hill? Deborah: Well, the first thing is to go to bed on an argument (if only so you can resume hostilities first thing without wasting any valuable time). Admin: Welcome everyone to today's live web chat with Deborah Ross. Deborah: It is perfectly alright to lie in circumstances like this.Deborah will be here for the next hour to answer your questions on how to be an non-domestic goddess. Sometimes, they are on special offer and you can get two for the price of one. Put all the shrunk clothes aside, then throw away when he is not looking. Fan: Does the domestic goddess ever have a good clean up sometimes?

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You can imagine many a harassed mother being soothed by the gentle balm of Gina's particular brand of cheeriness."All I did was write a tiny little book about sleeping and feeding," she says with a chuckle.