Updating blu ray player

Posted by / 28-Dec-2017 15:59

If you're not sure, it's easy to check which version of firmware you have: We recommend this method as it's the simplest way to update. First set up the equipment, then download the update over the internet to your Blu-ray player.

We recommend the following operating systems: Note: The update will not be performed if the file is not copied to the root directory of the USB device or if the name of the file is modified.

Now, often it will ask me if I want to update, but won't unless I uninstall and reinstall the latest version.

I like that I can finally purchase and watch Blu Rays, but come on. For a console that boasted about being the definitive all-in-one media device this kind of shortcomings are straight up laughable. Otherwise I'll continue to use the competing devices, the ones with functioning BLU-RAY players apps for two generations.

Companies used to at least pretend to care about customer sertvice and supporting products. It just constantly loops between trying to update, and saying ïnstallation stopped¨.

This problem should have been fixed BEFORE releasing updates and not choosing to ignore it afterwards stioll lingering for months. Moreover, if I try to use the version already installed, it takes me to the app store as if the app is not installed.

First get the equipment ready, then transfer the update to your player.

Your firmware may already be up to date, especially if you have a new Blu-ray player model. What you need: We recommend you use the internet to update if you can. You'll download the update to your computer, transfer it to a USB memory device, then transfer it to your Blu-ray player.

Common questions Firmware updates are a really important way of making sure everything works perfectly with the blinkbox app on your TV.

It’s just like updating the operating system on your phone or computer, and it’s really easy to do.

This problem is not unique to a single console but BOTH of mine. Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen: you've "updated" a buggy app into a completely broken app. My S console now plays 4k UHD, Blu ray, DVD, and backward compatible 360 discs with no issues!

My bluray collection is presently unusable thanks to an unnecessary update for 0.1% of television owners who likely cannot use the app either. love the app, since i got it 2 years ago have had no issues. So I thought maybe if I uninstall and reinstall the app it might make a difference. At last I even ran a lens cleaner just for giggles. It's no wonder we STILL don't have offline achievements... If youre having sound or picture issues, check your display and sound settings on your x box then your TV!

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We’ve got some more information on broadband speeds and buffering here.