Validating dom

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Validating dom

In the following simple example, we will not define our schema for a specific namespace, and thus no special attribute is needed for the root node.Thus, our document will be organized as: When it encounters any of these two attributes, XML/Ada will automatically parse the corresponding schema files, and use the result to validate the file.

A given XML document might have nodes belonging to several namespaces, and thus several schema files might have to be loaded, each defining one of the namespaces.Although such constraints can be checked at the application level, with ad hoc code, it is generally easier to maintain a separate file that describes the valid semantic contents of the file, that maintain specific code when the semantic changes.It is also difficult not to forget special cases when doing the validating through a set of The Schema modules provides subprograms and types to parse an XML schema and validate an XML document with this schema.This document does not provide a full documentation on the format of XML Schemas.This is extensive, has several obscure features, which, although supported by XML/Ada, are of little use in most pratical uses.

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If anyone knows a quick and easy way to do the above with Tcl DOM please let me know.