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With all that has been written about dating—from love songs to romantic comedies—you’d think we would have a handle on it by now.

But, nope…we’re all still clueless, really, when it comes to matters of the heart. Premiering on Vogue and featuring some high-profile actors (Dakota Johnson, Nicholas Braun, and Peter Gallagher), this film is an impressively accurate representation of two kinds of relationships—the casual fling/hook-up that has the potential to turn into more and the five-year relationship that is slowly becoming stale.

The stupid clichés we all say (“I’m not ready for a commitment” or the classic “It’s not you, it’s me”) are really just platitudes used to mask larger personal issues—how can we be with someone if we don’t really understand ourselves and what we really want?

This isn’t to say that the film takes itself too seriously. It’s a breezy 19 minutes, peppered with terrific dialogue and pop-culturally-relevant one-liners.

Rather, it’s that his portrayal seems exceptionally real.

‘I met the perfect guy but, oh no, it turns out he’s a ghost! ’ The idea with was to dig deep into the things that really hinder romantic happiness.” While the white middle class protagonists might limit some of the film’s reach (and who it relates to), ultimately, I would say that Boyd succeeded in his mission.

It’s a film that should resonate with anyone who has ever been confused by the simple complexity that is love.

The show's first season briefly appeared on the Oxygen Network in the U.

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Bud she has no choice – telling the truth would mean to lose everything.

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