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Www bg dating coma folders

The locale "fi_FI.utf8" can then be used in PHP5 after restarting Apache.For setting Finnish timezone and locale in PHP use: where directory structure of locale is (for example) : locale/fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/and ABSPATH is the absolute path to the locale dir further note, under linux systems, it seems to be necessary to create the locale at os level using 'locale-gen'.If you are running PHP on a multithreaded server API like IIS, HHVM or Apache on Windows, you may experience sudden changes in locale settings while a script is running, though the script itself never called be careful with the LC_ALL setting, as it may introduce some unwanted conversions.For example, I used setlocale (LC_ALL, "Dutch");to get my weekdays in dutch on the page. 1.50 was always printed as 1.00 :(When I set my locale to : setlocale (LC_TIME, "Dutch");my weekdays are good now and my floating point values too.You may also use a function for doing some perticular task and set a value. Here, we are required col-4 to be filled with present timestamp value, a very simple way to do is altering table 🙂 6.Loading csv with table value lookup: Consider you’ve got a csv with col1 and col2 data and the 3rd column data is availble in another table.

You have to make sure you get single row in return may be by using distinct or limit clause.Also refer to the post where I’ve attempted to create a simple excel speadsheet to generate the Load Data Infile My SQL Syntax.is an array or followed by additional parameters then each array element or parameter is tried to be set as new locale until success.One of the questions that arises is: Could we use this method to involve a comatose patient in decision-making regarding her own care, in cases where we were able to establish this sort of communication?Informed consent in medical ethics is usually conceived in terms of: disclosure, capacity and voluntariness, and the most obvious question to arise in the types of cases we’re considering is whether or not you could ever know with certainty that a comatose person has the capacity to make such decisions in such a state.

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Beware though if you use the category LC_ALL and some of the locales differ as a string containing all the locales is returned: It took me a while to figure out how to get a Finnish locale correctly set on Ubuntu Server with Apache2 and PHP5.

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